These days, it serves everybody well to have multiple incomes. If you already have a career, setting up a second cash stream can help make you feel even more financially secure.

At the very least, it can become your go-to resource to enable some extracurricular activities or shopping sprees.

(Helloooo, new pair of shoes!)

Not quite sure if a side business is right for you? Here are five reasons why they rule:

It’s not as risky as starting a whole new career

That’s right. You won’t have to give two-weeks’ notice in the hope that your dreams will finally come true at your new gig. With a side business, you can keep the cushion and the familiarity that your current job offers you while having the ability to make some extra money.

Bonus: No dealing with exit interviews and no polishing up your resumé.

You can slowly build up your side business

Rather than facing the urgency of starting your own business as your full-time career, you won’t feel all stressed out about needing to hit some make-or-break quotas. Instead, you can slowly build up your client base when it’s convenient. You can put as much time into your business as you want to meet your personal goals. If you eventually acquire enough clients to make it your sole business, you can totally do that, too!Should-I-Have-A-Side-Business.jpg

You can keep your current benefits

Breathe a sigh of relief on this one. Lucky for you and your side business, you won’t lose your job benefits with this transition.

Make some extra income

Although it’s obvious, it’s still an awesome reason to start a side business. Even if it’s just supplemental money, who doesn’t like some extra cash?

Learn some new skills

An exciting aspect about starting your own side business is that you’ll have the opportunity to be your own boss as you try something new. As you explore the world of marketing, you’ll acquire different business skills and you’ll be able to use your creativity in any way that you see fit.

Do something that you love

Some people start side businesses so that they can do something that they deeply enjoy as a hobby and make some money from it. Let’s say you love fitness, and you’re really good at getting people motivated. Maybe you can start up a bootcamp in the park on Sunday mornings! If you love traveling, you can become an online travel agent and make commissions selling travel experiences to family and friends! A side business is a great way to get your mind off the daily happenings of “work,” while you make some money doing what you truly love.